You heard trading Forex is easy money?

Forex trading is not child’s play. It’s not as easy as taking candy from a baby either, but many Forex companies will have you believe that it is that easy and risk free. FOREX TRADING IS EXTREMELY HIGH RISK.


R780 Million lost to Financial fraud 2016

R780 million per year – and who do you think pays the price? You the public. The general public needs to be protected, but the FSB is so overwhelmed by the sheer number  of scams, that it is not able to effectively protect the majority of the public.


Even finance pros can get scammed

Some of the scams employed by these con artists and dishonest or fake businesses are so advanced that even financial professionals are among the victims. If these guys can defraud the financial professionals what chance do you have against them?


FXB is here to protect you against scams

The Forex Board (FXB) is a group of Forex trading  industry professionals that endorse Forex trading products and services in South Africa. You will only see the “FXB approved” logo on the very best Forex products and services.


Who is giving you financial advice

Who do you listen to when it comes to important financial matters? Your hairdresser, plumber or perhaps your friend from work? Did they study finance? Are they regulated? Speak to one of our FSB regulated financial advisers free of charge.


Talk to a qualified financial adviser

We have advisers regulated with FSB and accredited by FXB availible for you to speak to and as with all of our services, it is at no cost to you.


Around the world more and more regulation is being done by private professional associations or industry leaders. This always comes about due to flaws in the government regulatory authorities and or their mandates and focus.

American and international accounting reporting standards are created by private independent groups of industry professionals.

In South Africa a similar situation has presented itself in the field of Forex and specifically Forex regulation. There is no oversite for Forex training from financial regulators or any education board. Brokerages that are regulated do as they please because it is just a matter of paying a small fine once in a while.

And so the FXB was formed at the end of 2016, to act as a private regulatory agency for any honest law abiding Forex related companies in South Africa to join voluntarily. Your name would be displayed on the website of FXB and you will need to be honest, transparent and look after your customers in order to stay listed. Your customers can complain directly to the FXB and if the compaints are valid and serious enough the FXB may decide to issue a fine or demand you make restitution in some way shape or form. You have the right to deny the demands of the FXB but the FXB also has the right to remove you from the list of board members

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