GFI funded me with $95 000 to trade and I keep 50% of the profits

When I first saw GFX offering to fund retail traders with up to $100 000 I thought it was a joke. GFX.com is a very established international Forex brand and I know all the institutional traders use GFX, but I didn’t believe that GFX was now also helping retail Forex traders.  I thought the only way to find out is by applying for funding and that’s what I did. I applied at the beginning of January and my account manager thanked me for my application for Funding with GFX and explained to me how it works. She also went on to tell me more about GFX and how they are now focusing on developing a new breed of retail traders. GFX believes that they can change the statistics. Right now over 80% of retail traders lose their money. GFX believes that this will be less than 20% for their retail traders by the end of 2017 because they have figured out the reason why over 80% of retail Forex traders are not profitable.

I must admit their reasoning does make a lot of sense. They also really impressed me with the ideas they are implementing to level the playing field between retail and institutional traders. I liked it all but I was pretty sure I was wasting my time by applying for funding. I mean who in their right mind would give me $100 000 to trade with? I have 6 months experience and  I have had some bad losses. I am not exactly a top trader yet.  I already had the application for filled in and decided to push the submit button anyway. It’s not like I had something to lose.

Next my account manager told me that I have been approved for up to $100 000 and I must provide 5% and GFX will provide 95% and all profits and losses are split 50/50. I was waiting for the catch but there was none. Got the money in my account this morning.


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