FXB provides the following services to the public for free:


Mediation and Arbitration

We can negotiate on your behalf with a Forex vendor or broker that you feel did not honour their obligation to you. We can’t guarantee that they will settle, but having an expert talk to them increases your chances. The fact that the negotiations will be published on the FXB website also motivates them to do the right thing by you.

Reviews inspired by you

We review Forex vendors and brokers and constantly update these reviews based on our experiences with them, but more importantly, we base the reviews on your experiences with them. When you comment, like or rate a Forex company, we take note and over 80% of our reviews and ratings is based on your reviews and ratings.


We offer accreditation to Forex vendors and brokers and especially to Forex educational companies. Our standards are very high so you can trust that any company accredited by us will make you happy. And if they don’t? If they don’t satisfy your expectations then they will have their accreditation revoked.


Any company that voluntarily submits to FXB regulation is proving beyond any doubt that they are ethical and at the top of their game. If clients of companies regulated by FXB feel unfairly treated, then we will investigate and if found guilty we will issue fines or demand that they pay the injured party back plus damages. Obviously they can deny our demands but we can also revoke their licence.

Scam warning service

Whenever a new Forex scam company is found we update our database and we also email details to our members to make sure you don’t get caught by unethical businesses. You can also use the scam database to check if a company is on it before you pay over your hard earned cash.

General financial advice

Financial  planners and financial advisers (FSP’s) can also give you advice on a number of financial issues that you might face in your day to day life or future. They are all FSB regulated and will help you for free. Some are full time staff members employed by FXB and others are donating their time because they believe in the work that FXB is doing.

Free Financial education

FXB does provide free financial education and when we say free, we mean FREE. It would be unethical for FXB to charge for courses as this will lead to a conflict of interest. We will never try and sell you any courses or products when you attend free classes with us. Classes are mostly based around the basic financial literacy needed by everyone in today’s world.

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